Saturday, January 16, 2016

Game review: Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a post apocalyptic Boston in the year 2287. You play ether as a male veteran or the wife of this said male. You start off in your house in Sanctuary Hills next to vault 111. The countries are on the edge of nuclear war and it may come at any second, as your character is tending to his baby you hear your robot named Codsworth tell you to go into the living room. There you hear a televised cast that New York and Chicago have been nuked and you know Boston is next. Your character and his wife grab the baby and run for vault 111 whenever you make it there they direct you into a cryo cell and you are frozen for about 200 years in between those 200 years a group of raiders infiltrate the vault and kill your wife and take your son. When you wake up to start your hunt to find your son. A hint you get from a group named the minutemen leads you to the now destroyed Fenway park and you find a robotic detective that leads you to the person that kidnapped your son. When you find the person that kidnapped your son you kill hi and take part of his brain to a place called the memory den and a doctor there helps you find where your son is and how to get there. Your character has to build a teleporter to get into the place called the Institute. Whenever you enter you hear a voice and the his name is called father you later on figure out that the man named father is your son and sixty years have passed since he had been take from the vault and your son now has a deadly disease and now asks you to lead the institute. You have three choices you can lead the institute you can blow it up or side with the minutemen and blow it up. I give this game a 10/10

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